Wednesday, February 3, 2010


they let u breathe easy. the make u "cool"
they let the heavy air out. (so i learned in physics)
and these crackpots are definitely that.

what a day..!!! =D
fried chicken.

clicked away..!! we the ones who are tired of trying to fit in.. this time somehow actually did manage to fit in...
all in the same frame..!! (praise the lord) :p

from being raped... oops. molested..oops nearly kissed :P
to an amazing chicken curry..
along with songs
and yes talks.

sam.. mallavi.. maddy.. praise 'em.
peace out. hugs**

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

as i welcome myself once again...

welcome welcome.... :/

(plz not the song).. yes.. bt to another page.. another url.. on the bloggers site..!!
yes. this could not have been done alone.. bt without maddy's help... :P


so here to her as well.
"welcome to my blog"

i am kind of fonf of this purple colour these days..!!(anytime better than pink)
so here i shall write again.. when i find the time..


so welcome to me.. agian. =D